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 by Akashic Inspirations, Glammiewitch and special guest Ron Schaefer

Working with your soul essence - zero point 
our spiritual teams and yours assist you in returning your energies to an aspect of self that is your original zero point prior to any veils or obstacles imprinted on your essence.  

SPECIAL - $77.77 

Recommendation: Mariann, Ron and Debbie are quite the trio! Their gifts mesh well and they work in a manner that complements each other. My soul retrieval was an incredible experience in that it explained so many things that have occurred in THIS lifetime. So many patterns were repeated, & fear has held me in its tight grip, all because of an experience that links back to another lifetime. But it is not all a challenge. It also explains why I love my favourite colours, and am drawn to the ocean & Caribbean, volunteer work, even how I can hold my breath for a long time when under water. I learned so much about myself from these giving people.Their generous natures helped when I noticed changes occurring that I found overwhelming as well. They don't just do a soul retrieval and leave you to process it, but suggest things to help along the way. I highly recommend a session with them. They are wonderful guides and I received a lot of direction. I hope that serves all of you well!
Jan, Canada

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Thank you for signing up and here is some helpful information regarding the Soul Retrieval Event. If you would like to participate please join us and sign up at www.akashicinspirations.com or you can...

In the days of woe begone, there was an initial spark which twisted in upon itself, as it grew the threads were pulled and twined upon itself. It lit the darkness and brought out of the darkness the light upon itself - to ever increase and to grow. 

As the threads twined diligently there were those drawn to its light they created the outer covering of multi-colored hues. The tube grew strong through the light and became crystalline instead. Transparent all the same and became reflective - augmenting the strength of the colors that were imbued. The colors as they hit the tube created tones and resonance.

The third layer was created the running of the light and colors now were accompanied by a symphony of sounds. The melodies, harmonies and resonances - created faster waves of light, therefore augmenting the frequency of the tones.

Until such time as the small little spark had grown into a massive elongated sphere expanding out in all directions and within the sphere new sparks came to be and began their process of expansion, like the first but each with different combinations of color and sound.

As the macrocosm of the universe grew so too within the macrocosm was the microcosm of planets, stars and galaxies and within them the beings of those planets were created each as sparks of the same material but in vast unlimited infinite expression of that self same color, light and resonance.

And so today, we see these colored light reflections within each and every single being, plant, animal and organism just in varying degrees. 

You can adjust your frequency and tone as well as the colored expression through uniting to absorb each others light and sound. You can expand and grow and change and be more to incorporate the whole. The twisting strands can be added to as the colors and tones augment - creating new and varied themes of what once was a small spark --- 


Picture by artist Rassouli


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March Reading for guidance of the upcoming energies.Join Glammiewith and myself with special guest Ron Schaefer for our google hangout March 13, 2015 SOUL RETRIEVAL.Sign up at www.akashicinspira...


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Blessings, Love and Light - Namaste
Mariann Moore

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