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.....  Whether you want spiritual or monetary prosperity I would recommend taking advantage of this event. I am not one that ever spends money on this kind of stuff & but I am so grateful I did. If you are seeing my post or their event posts, ask yourself is there a reason for you to be here reading this?? Peace, love & light

I'm a VIP in The Lakshmi Wealth & Prosperity Awakening Event....yay!!!  I love the rituals and charts by Ori's Oasis, very powerful heart emoticon. I had my Skpe session with Debra, Ron and Mariann....it was amazing!!!! I felt like a bottle of champagne...lol...when it opens up the top goes flying....it has left me feeling tingling and ready for my new adventure . Thanks to all of you, love and light....Blessings heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon

Hi guys! Just wanted to say WOW! I just did my hour Skype session with Ron, Debra Bowen and Mariann Moore. I feel like a thousand pounds was lifted off me. No joke! With their help, I found out what was blocking me from getting and having more prosperity into my life. Also my astro chart with Diyah confirmed things regarding prosperity. And during my Skype session they give me tips and advices on how to move forward toward a better prosperity consciousness. Overall, well worth the money! You won't be disappointed!

This was really cool, it is something that helps you recieve what is already yours, your birthright. it is more than just a simple clearing its an opportunity for you to continue to grow and develop and create the world you want to live in as you see fit.i just recieved the skype healing and it was intense, i recieved alot of messages and wonderful work was done. if youre thinking about doing this, move heaven and earth to make that happen. Thank you to all who are, have and continue to help me build my dream Treehouse heart emoticonlol, take care, and may all beings be happy.

 by Akashic Inspirations, Intuitive Debra, Ron Schaefer and special guest Diyah from Oris Oasis


The synchronicity of reaching this website must serve a purpose look around and see what resonates with you.  If you have any
comments or questions, please feel free to contact me.
Blessings, Love and Light - Namaste
Mariann Moore

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